Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why Colon Hydrotherapy...

1. Colon Hydrotherapy helps prevent and eliminate gas, bloating, fluid retention,
indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, colitis and diverticulitis.

2. In Naturopathic Medicine, we believe that anything less than three bowel movements
per day is constipation. For thousands of years before modern day anti-biotics,
constipation was considered to be the originator of all disease. The Abunda Life Clinic
believes this philosophy to hold true today and that Colon Hydrotherapy is the most
effective treatment to addresses and correct constipation.

3. In Naturopathic Medicine, we also believe that the common denominator of every
known disease is toxicity. No matter what the name of your condition, Colon
Hydrotherapy can help the healing and regeneration process by reducing these
toxicity levels. Once these toxicity levels are reduced, Nutritional transport is improved
therefore allowing natural supplements and natural foods to be processed throughout
the body more effectively.

4. Colon Irrigation improves bio-energy by reducing the body's level of toxicity. An
increase in both physical and mental energy following Colon Hydrotherapy is a result.

5. Laxatives are harmful and only address surface constipation. Colon Hydrotherapy is
able to cleanse the colon to a further extent than a laxative.

6. Colon Hydrotherapy is able to cleanse and purify the entire, full length of the colon.
Enimas and Coloma Boards are not able to reach this extent.

7. Colon Hydrotherapy is the # 1 defense against rectal/ colon cancer and the need for

8. Colon Hydrotherapy, unlike a normal enima, actually helps to strengthen the muscle
walls of the colon, helping to re-establish natural parastolsis.

9. Colon Hydrothereapy has been known to help Chiropractic adjustments hold. This is
often a direct result of increased levels of toxicity within the body.

10. Dr. Robert H. Sorge, N.D, Ph.D., D.O., and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine since 1959 has personally witness every type of health condition improve with the treatment of
Colon Hydrotherapy. In his practice, if he was restricted to one treatment, he would
choice Colon Hydrotherapy are his primary recommended choice.

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